The Rise and Popularity of Cloud Services

24 Aug

It was observed in 2011 that everybody seemed to be talking about the Cloud. Considered as the latest fashionable development in the technology of information, practically  all establishments are joining the fad. Practically most of the major IT establishments are offering a Cloud services solution at, however, we not that most of us do not actually know nor understand why the buzz about this new technology.

At is very basic level, the Cloud is defined as a collection of computer systems which is shown as one entity even if in different areas. A number of these big Cloud computing services make use of multiple data centres and thus give a faultless access to a computing platform. Amazingly these data centres are always miles apart located in different continents and countries.

The clients usually pay in terms of processor or memory usage for the services at In the event of a problem, these applications can move quickly to other data centre or hardware because they run on virtual machines that are independent from an actual host server.

Among the benefits of the Cloud is that its services target to allow clients to rapidly increase or decrease their usage of computer and consequently the costs based on the demand. Among the many businesses, it is the retail sector that has significant computing demands at some time of the year. A company generally have to have lots of computer power in order to meet the demands, and this computer power usually would just be idle for most part of the year.

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Cloud services can be availed over the internet and also through private clouds just for your company. To add in more revenue for the business, you could even sell capacity of your Clouds if you have any.

Many establishments would use a Cloud service suppliers that they found either over the internet or through a data centre that is under leased-line connection. In this situation, the employees and customers from anywhere across the globe can access the Cloud applications.  Unlike applications installed to your pc or local server, if there is a disruption of the network, you are prevented from accessing to the applications in the Cloud system. Note that the Cloud services normally come from more than one data centre, so you can use the others when one has a problem thus you can continually use your application and data, or you can have more than one internet connections.

Even if there are many companies ready to host your Cloud based applications, you will still need technical assistance to move your present infrastructure to the Cloud.

As part of your package, take note that your Cloud supplier should give you backups and other standard data centre services.

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